A documentary about women directors.

Through this documentary we invite viewers into a bracing and intimate conversation with women on the front lines of the film and television directing field. Considering all aspects of the directing experience for women, audiences will learn how and why each remarkable woman successfully drives through creative, cultural, and professional obstacles in a deeply challenging profession.

“Cady McClain’s documentary soars.” “… it is a breath of fresh air.”  “…an inspiring watch.”


“If you want a beautiful primer on the subject of women and film this is it…. A brilliant film.”


“Immensely important for the next generation of film viewers and filmmakers.”


“…illuminating, absorbing, and intelligently crafted.. a revelatory documentary…”



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Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

My name is Cady McClain. I am the director of this filmed series about women who direct film TV, web series, commercials, music videos, video art and more! I share all kinds of articles and interesting interviews on this page. Thank you for joining the conversation!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct6 hours ago
Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Adina Pintilie’s film explores sexuality and intimacy in all kinds of unique ways, both structurally and contextually. A fascinating interview with a visionary director.

Oh yes, and she happens to be a woman.
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Interview with Adina Pintilie on 'Touch Me Not'
Adina Pintilie's film 'Touch Me Not' is dealing with our notion of bodies, love and intimacy and makes you explore yourself. For more information, visit: htt...
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct4 days ago
Here's what I did today, February 20th, 2018.

On the up side, I did buy myself a "desk cycle" that sits under my desk so I can pedal while I work because my ass is turning to cottage cheese and I am so not okay with that.

On the not up side...

I sat and went through my entire movie, the new 90 minute version, step by step, and made a list of all the clips I am hoping my lawyer will clear for "fair use."

This is possibly the most tedious job ever. You could not pay me enough to do this professionally. It is like counting the hairs on a cat and cataloging them by color. Brutal.

First, you have to have a timecode on your film so you can say where exactly the clip can be found.

Then you have to say where you found it, how it's used, any credit, the exact time of it's usage.

I did 18 of these.

(Dontcha wanna be an indie filmmaker?? Huh??

You know this is as sexy as a moldy tomato!)

Here's an example:

1) Photo of XXX ( 05:20:18 to 05:23:18) professional photo pulled from “YYY”. We see photo. We hear student saying “she’s not (ZZZ) a household name like XXX is…” Photo used a great deal online. Cannot find a photo credit anywhere. Not on Getty. (3 seconds)

Then I also wrote a lot of people who gave me personal footage or photos and made sure that they absolutely had the full ownership of those photos.

I did that 8 times.

Then I texted with one of our producers about some materials releases for a silver of art we see in the background of two of the new interviews. I love my producer but getting artists to sign a materials release is really ... an art. Pray for her.

(Wanna jump off a cliff with me yet?).

However there was also some cool stuff. I had a lovely conversation with a woman from a group called "Connected Women of Influence" who are interested in focusing on leadership for women in So Cal. I might go hang with these ladies a bit because I think teaching leadership and sharing tools is really awesome.

And... I got two trips finalized:

One is this weekend. I am flying to Chicago on Thursday to do a read through with three truly amazing actors on a play I've been developing since last June with my pal Howard. Might turn into a film. Maybe. We shall see. (See how it happens? It's a sickness.)

And then next week my husband and I are flying to the Sedona Film Festival where I get to have the one hour version of my doc screened TWICE, plus I get to be on a panel.

And that's always fun. I love meeting new people.

God is good. But he makes me work really hard. So God, what is up with that because I think I really need a break, like, soon.

(SO much goodness and yet I still find a way to bitch.)

Now I am going to eat chicken soup I made last night and catch up on "The Alienist" and "Waco."

How was your day?
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct4 days ago
These stats aren't entirely correct. Not sure how it grew by 45% but I DO know it's up to 21% with caucasian females at 16% and women of color at 5%. (not 23%)

BUT... it is good news.

I think a lot of it has to do with the combined effort of all the people and organizations IN HOLLYWOOD who have come together to create systemic change.

TV is a GREAT place to work, if you have the chops and love the stories you are working on. Plus, one can actually make a living if you can get a few shows a year under your belt.

So... good news is news I like!

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct6 days ago
UH-OH! England got WOKE! LOVEEEEEE.....
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct6 days ago
NEWS! I am excited to share that I will be streaming the one hour version to a class at the Rochester Institute of Technology followed by a one hour Skype session with yours truly to talk about this film!

I LOVE sharing this film with college students. It's simply the BEST to hear their insights and feedback.

If this sounds like something your class might be interested in, click the contact us button on the upper right and go to our "contact" page on the website! We will get back to you ASAP!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct6 days ago
Recently, an interested distributor asked me to make the film longer. Right now the feature length is about 60 minutes.

It's that length because I had a short film I was sharing around the festivals to get feedback, and the SOHO Film Festival called me and said "YOU'VE GOT TO MAKE THIS A FEATURE! CAN YOU DO IT AND SEND US A ROUGH CUT? And oh, by the way, we need it in five days."

So... in five days I added 30 minutes to my 28 minute short. And IT GOT ACCEPTED. And it won the AUDIENCE AWARD at the SOHO Film Festival!

Those five days were harrowing, and the following three weeks of cleaning up the edit and flying through post production even more harrowing. I've never worked so hard in my life, and that is saying something.

But after that we had a beautiful one hour film. Being that I was feeling like we'd probably show it on TV someway or other (or hoped to) it felt like a perfect "broadcast hour."

We kept sharing the short and the one hour feature around the festivals and there was lots of great response. People seemed to really dig this film! I can't tell you what a great feeling that was and still is. But deep down I felt like there was more I could do. I still had tons of interviews I hadn't been able to use and was wracking my brain as to what to do with the material.

Should I use it as extras on a DVD? Make a series out of them online? Share them with the filmmakers? There seemed to be so many options.

Then the distribution person said, "Hey, we'd really like this to be longer." And I said.... OHHHHHHHHH GREEEAAATTT.... (OOOOOH CRAP.)

More work. More editing. More money spent. OH YEAH.

So. I had to really face the fear of going BACK into a locked and loved edit and dig even DEEPER.

I gotta be honest with you, it's been terrifying. And exhausting. And sometimes deeply emotionally draining.

But... I did it. I am 99.9% done with an hour and a half version. Something that includes almost all the women I interviewed, that shares so much more of the journey of WHY I have been on this mission, and what I am trying to help create in the world.

And no one but a VERY few have seen it!

I am SO proud of all three versions of this film, don't get me wrong. Each one has really strong qualities and each one expands on the first in unique and beautiful ways. I love my films, and am so happy that they are encouraging young people and giving them some tools to use to drive their own dreams forward.

But if they asked me I COULD WRITE A BOOK!

What a journey this has been!

So anyway... yesterday was spent BACK in the edit. And today will again be BACK AGAIN in the edit. And probably tomorrow.

What that looks like is me sitting at a big desk in a garage turned into a kind of office with a dog on my lap, one at my feet, and about six hard drives hooked up to a big apple tower. Surrounded by journals with pages and pages of notes. And I sit there, sometimes with someone sitting over my shoulder for an hour but most often not, and grind.

I get up and make tea and then sit back down.

Lots of chocolate chip cookies are a part of this equation.

I sit there and drink tea and eat cookies and figure out this puzzle until the puzzle feels like a picture.

This is what editing is. And it's great. I actually love it. But it ain't easy. Oh boy.

And soon, however... I will be able to say "PICTURE LOCKED ON VERSION THREE!"

And that will be a mighty accomplishment.

THANK YOU for your support, meanwhile. Your posts and likes and shares and conversation really have been the wind beneath my wings.


20 hours ago
Prepping for another amazing day with Steppenwolf actors with a sticky bun. #nofilter #ChiTown #Steppenwolf #eatthebun https://t.co/PUrUps8Qc2 CadyMcClain photo
21 hours ago
Thrilled to share this article that gives a deeper look into the making of my doc. Wonderful insight and quote by @BRooneydirector #seeingisbelievingwomendirect #sayaction https://t.co/r9OdDQqTAw
3 days ago
Very cool. The #metoo in me really appreciates this. https://t.co/JYfzliRgvg


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