A documentary about female directors

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct highlights how mentorship and leadership by female storytellers is essential to encourage and cultivate the next generation of female directors.

Featured in INDIEWIRE as PROJECT OF THE DAY and a winner of the AWESOME WITHOUT BORDERS GRANT, the 84 minute version of the film premiered at the 2018 Heartland International Film Festival and WON BEST DOCUMENTARY – PRO ACTION at the 2019 ARTEMIS WOMEN IN ACTION FILM FESTIVAL!

We are now partnering with TuggEDU to bring Seeing is Believing: Women Direct to your school, organization, institution, or library!


JOIN US AT THE DTLA Film Festival on OCTOBER 26th at 4PM

“Cady McClain’s documentary soars.” “… it is a breath of fresh air.”  “…an inspiring watch.”


“If you want a beautiful primer on the subject of women and film this is it…. A brilliant film.”


“Immensely important for the next generation of film viewers and filmmakers.”


“…illuminating, absorbing, and intelligently crafted.. a revelatory documentary…”


“an informative, entertaining film that should be considered ‘must see’ viewing for any up-and-coming filmmakers.”







Email: edu@tugginc.com or cadymcclain@gmail.com




Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

My name is Cady McClain. I am the director of this filmed series about women who direct film TV, web series, commercials, music videos, video art and more! I share all kinds of articles and interesting interviews on this page. Thank you for joining the conversation!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
In NYC? Don’t miss this screening of the Sundance Award Winning film “Working Girls” directed by Lizzie Borden! @lizzieborden
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Don’t miss this beautiful Christmas film by Director @CamilleBrown! Debuts December 14th on Lifetime!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
VERY excited about these two panels coming up at the Downtown LA Film Festival on October 26th!

Panel #1 is at 1PM-2PM in the mezzanine at the LA Regal LIVE. This group is INCREDIBLE. Producers who have done over 40 films, been to Sundance, SXSW... TWO Distribution gurus and two indie filmmakers who's work has been lauded and distributed on all platforms... from self distributors to having top studios pick up films... all will be discussed and MORE!

Panel #2 is at 2:30PM-3:30PM and is in the same location. Discussions about inclusivity and how to be proactive in your creative choices will be discussed! Some amazing panelists as well!

Both panels are FREE!

4PM will be the screening of "Seeing is Believing: Women Direct" Tickets are $15... If you are feeling the squeeze DM me and I will see if I can get some discounted tix for you and your party. (Trust me... I GET IT.) We have some incredibly people joining us including Deborah Riley Draper, who is the director on "Coffee Will Make You Black" with Octavia Spencer and Gabrielle Union!

Deborah will be joining me after the screening for a very special Q&A!

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Get inspired! Come see “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct” and get inspired to keep fighting toward your hopes and dreams!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Yep. It is STILL hard to get that job! But there are more and more good people out there who are starting to see things differently but there's still a lot more work to be done.

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Lizzie Borden, director of the feminist cult classic Born in Flames (1983) and Working Girls (1986), a nuanced portrayal of sex work, made an erotic thriller, Love Crimes, in 1992. In theory, Borden, having previously explored sexual politics and taken a more political stance in her work, would seem a good candidate for subverting the erotic thriller, but the reality was bleak. The film was taken out of her hands by none other than the most disgusting man in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein. In a recent podcast interview, Borden expressed regret over not walking away from the project and said the experience of Weinstein demanding to change the screenplay and structure of the film and threatening to ruin her career if she took her name off it was traumatizing.
The film, which stars Sean Young as a district attorney who goes undercover to catch a serial sexual predator, was doomed from the start, plagued by countless rewrites and disagreements that left Borden feeling disempowered and unable to do what she wanted with the story. As she succinctly said, “There was nothing good about the experience.” The idea of Weinstein, of all people, being the one to ruin this film feels like a queasy case study in the sexist power imbalance of early ’90s Hollywood.



Congrats to Shaz Bennett for winning Best Director for “Alaska is a Drag” at the LA Femme Film Festival. @LAFemmeFilmFest #womendirect

This looks like an important film and subject to know about. Please follow! #knowaboutlaos https://t.co/sjoHle05Hd CadyMcClain photo

Don’t miss this beautifully made Christmas film by my friend Camille Brown! Debuts December 14th on @lifetimeTV https://t.co/hns1TLoi6m

Want to see my doc on female directors? Check out the Twin Cities Film Fest: 120 films in 11 days https://t.co/guecXt2ZzD via @MinnPost

“Joker” is an incredible work of art on every level. That is all. It isn’t a political statement. It’s art. It’s a story. And it’s so well done it’s jaw dropping. #joker #JokerMovie #JokerFilm


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