A documentary about female directors

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct highlights how mentorship and leadership by female storytellers is essential to encourage and cultivate the next generation of female directors.



The 84 minute version of the film premiered at the ACADEMY AWARD QUALIFYING Heartland International Film Festival

Winner BEST DOCUMENTARY – 2019 Artemis Women in Action Film Festival

AUDIENCE AWARD  – 2017 SOHO Film Festival

 JURY AWARD – 2017 Newport Beach Film Festival


or purchase as a library, school, or institution on COLLECTIVE EYE



“an intensively inspiring and informative documentary that should be on any aspiring filmmakers must watch list.”


“Cady McClain’s documentary soars.” “… it is a breath of fresh air.”  “…an inspiring watch.”


“If you want a beautiful primer on the subject of women and film this is it…. A brilliant film.”


“Immensely important for the next generation of film viewers and filmmakers.”


“…illuminating, absorbing, and intelligently crafted.. a revelatory documentary…”


“an informative, entertaining film that should be considered ‘must see’ viewing for any up-and-coming filmmakers.”



Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

My name is Cady McClain. I am the director of this filmed series about women who direct film TV, web series, commercials, music videos, video art and more! I share all kinds of articles and interesting interviews on this page. Thank you for joining the conversation!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Here is a little light in the darkness. Encore showing of “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct” on KVCR - Empire PBS. Channel 24.

This Sunday, March 29th at 10PM.

Starring Lesli Linka Glatter Naima Ramos-Chapman Li Lu and Sarah Gavron with Bethany Rooney, Kimberly Peirce, Betty Thomas, John Wells, and more..

Produced by Jon LindstromKate Super Eva Paris Amanda Quinn Olivar Li Lu Kimberly McCullough with Suzanne Ordas Curry, Patty Mullen Cook, Nancy Finn, Sabine S. McDowell, Kai Destiny, and Antoinette Roger.

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Very excited to share that if you are in the Los Angeles region, you can find Seeing is Believing: Women Direct TONIGHT on KVCR Empire PBS at 7PM and again this Sunday at 10PM! Here is a link below to find the station on your cable or app.


It is a thrill to be able to get this film to a wider audience. The stories of Lesli Linka Glatter, Li Lu, Sarah Gavron, and Naima Ramos-Chapman are powerful and important. Each shows how the road of a creative woman is both unique to the person and yet has sign posts all along the way that you can learn from.

It is essential to continue to foster and encourage our creative voices! May this film be the salve you need during this troubled time.

Shared with so much love... xo Cady McClain

Produced by Kate Super Jon Lindstrom Amanda Quinn Olivar Li Lu and Kimberly McCullough
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Here's a bit of nice news! We've bounced to a wonderful new distributor, Collective Eye Films, and are enjoying some wonderful theatrical screenings this month. We are also enjoying a broadcast with KVCR, PBS Empire in Southern California on March 27th and 29th!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Happy International Women's Day! There are so many amazing female identifying humans in the world right now! Here's one that is opening up our conversation about what it means to be female, the brilliant Deborah Kampmeier, who's film "Tape" is premiering now at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto!

Deborah has been fantastically supportive of "Seeing is Believing: Women Direct," telling the audience at The Socially Relevant FF in NYC that it was a film that made her want to go out and make movies! That was music to our ears.

Don't miss a screening of "Seeing is Believing" at the Fairfield Stage in Fairfield, CT on March 9th or with the Carolina Film Community in Charlotte, NC on March 10! (See EVENTS page!)

Also: if you are in Los Angeles, we will be screening at ArenaCinema Hollywood on March 28th at 7PM!

Shout out to producers Kate Super Jon Lindstrom Kimberly McCullough Amanda Quinn Olivar Li Lu and Eva Paris
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Deborah Kampmeier Clip from SEEING IS BELIEVING Women Direct - documentary by Cady McClain
From the documentary feature, SEEING IS BELIEVING Women Direct by Cady McClain. For more information on the film go to http://seeingisbelievingwomendirect.com
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Very exciting stuff going on...
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
I cannot wait to see this. This is so important.
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
4 minute TEASER for the work-in-progress, feature documentary, BRAINWASHED, based on Nina Menkes's celebrated talk, "Sex and Power; the Visual Language of Ci...


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