A documentary about female directors

Through this documentary we invite viewers into an intimate conversation with female directors who are using their voices to tell stories that matter to them. Our film strives to encourage, inspire, and provide mentorship for those who are looking to find and use their own unique voice.


We are excited to be partnering with Tugg.com to bring Seeing is Believing: Women Direct to your city! Tugg is a web-platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings at colleges, high schools, women’s community groups, churches, businesses, organizations, and more … you pick the venue and we will provide a screening link, DVD, or both along with all the resources you need to make the screening a success. We also have a free community screening kit, social media guide and tools… even an educational  lesson plan, all free with purchase!



Email: support@tugginc.com

“Cady McClain’s documentary soars.” “… it is a breath of fresh air.”  “…an inspiring watch.”


“If you want a beautiful primer on the subject of women and film this is it…. A brilliant film.”


“Immensely important for the next generation of film viewers and filmmakers.”


“…illuminating, absorbing, and intelligently crafted.. a revelatory documentary…”






“I thought that no matter who you were in the audience, the words that the women on screen had to share were empowering,” Barba said. “I felt incredibly encouraged and more conscious of the role that men have to play with this new generation of filmmakers in relation to women.” ~Senior Moises Barba Jr., media production major Pepperdine University


“If I had seen this while I was still a film student at USC, I would have stayed in production instead of switching my major to writing. Seeing this film now has inspired me to step out from behind my desk and step back onto a set.” ~ Kelly Brinker, American Cinematography Magazine


“McClain brilliantly tells her story through several dominant voices, creating a rich tapestry of animation, text and music. Honest, challenging and inspiring!” ~ Director Lizzie Borden, “Born in Flames”


“Magnificent!” ~ Award-winning ASC DP Nancy Schreiber


“This film is truly wonderful with great insight from the voices of a diverse group of filmmakers. Bravo Cady!” ~ Amy Kawadler, Photographer


“Thank you for bringing women’s directing work into the light.” ~ Anne Makepeace, documentary filmmaker- Makepeace Productions



18 hours ago
I appreciate the recognition of the mistake. Now he can be an advocate for change. Let’s forgive but encourage Blum and everyone to keep our collective eye on the ball and help ALL the amazing talent out there to get more opportunities to share their gifts. #TogetherWeRise https://t.co/0gdW19UwWF
2 days ago
Love this photo and love my man. Happiest of Birthdays to my love. Thanks Geoffrey for your kind note and sharing! #HappyBirthday @thejonlindstrom https://t.co/0Hd36zF4Rs
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Geoffrey-Martin Cyr @G_M_Cyr
BIRTHDAY WISHES: to handsome Emmy®-nominee @thejonlindstrom (Kevin/Ryan, @GeneralHospital #PortCharles; ex-Craig, @CBSATWT; ex-Paul, #Generations; ex-Mark, #SantaBarbara; ex-Brady, #Rituals) for a GREAT birthday and year ahead! 😘 https://t.co/YEAge9G30v
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Soap Opera Icons: Where Are They Now?' We’re still HERE! Lol... check it out! @CadyMcClain https://t.co/r8NgLQ50mx
5 days ago
On this page I like to talk about themes from my troubled youth and how I manage the history I carry with me today. I hope you will find some inspiration here and a safe place. https://t.co/AhGltKGwuv


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