“Seeing is Believing: Women Direct” is a documentary series about working women directors and how they overcome obstacles.

Our Director Cady McClain was awarded the MATRIX AWARD by the Alliance of Women in Communications for her work on this doc.

We are a thrilled recipient of an Awesome Without Borders Grant!

JURY AWARD at our PREMIERE at the Newport Beach International Film Festival

WINNER BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY at the Burbank Film Festival!

WINNER BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY at the Glendale International Film Festival!


There is nothing worse than to discover your calling only to find out that society doesn’t think you should be doing it because you are a woman.

The statistics tell a story of this mindset. A mindset that seems engrained into many men, and shockingly, women.

Director McClain decided that the best way to help change that mindset was to show working directors of ALL ranges of experience. Working women who are forging their path despite the statistics.

We want women of any age, race, gender identification, or image to find someone in this series they can point to and say, “Hey! She’s like me! And SHE did it! Maybe I can, too!”

Come join our mission to foster change through hopeful conversations and doable actions!


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