Burbank and Catalina FF’s and More!

We are thrilled to be sharing the short version of “Seeing is Believing Women Direct” again here on the the Left Coast! It’s Los Angeles Premiere will be at the Burbank Film Festival on September 10th, 2017!

We also have been accepted into the prestigious Catalina Film Festival! The festival has a huge Media Summit on the Island of Catalina just off the coast of Southern California and we are looking forward to attending and learning more!

We are also thrilled to have Director Cady McClain share her thoughts in a feature interview by the international organization “Directed by Women,” founded by Barbara Ann O’Leary. Barbara was one of the FIRST women to organize a group primarily to support women directors. She is a visionary and we are grateful for her recognition!

We also want to do a BIG shout out of THANKS to Indiegogo, The Film Collaborative, Impact Media Partners, and Triple Scoop Music for their unflagging support of this project.


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