Super Supporter Nancy E. Finn

by Annette Palmer

“I don’t measure success by how much fame or fortune is out there.” – Nancy E. Finn

Nancy E. Finn had taken acting classes in high school and as an elective in college, but never really took it seriously. Then in 2015, after working at an insurance company for 25 years, she was forced to retire for medical reasons. That’s when she was encouraged to take voiceover classes and really got hooked with the acting bug.

In 2016, she started taking acting jobs. It was only then she says, “for the first time in months…or even years, I found happiness…[it] gave me something to look forward to each day.” This was also around that time that Finn decided to get involved with SEEING IS BELIEVING: WOMEN DIRECT, not only as an investment, but as an opportunity to learn about the industry from behind the camera.

Her involvement in the documentary series brings about a whole new aspect to female directors and the challenges endured in the industry. Even though Finn considers herself a rookie, she has already “experienced a few obstacles as an actor with some physical challenges.” In fact, she recently had to decline an acting gig because the filmmaker was not able to accommodate her disability and to make matters worse, the location wasn’t even handicapped accessible.

Despite any setbacks, Finn remains grounded. “I measure success by how happy I am in the industry overall, for the work I do,” and recommends other female artists follow suit as they find their footing. While keeping her hopes at bay, Finn expects “any influx of fame and fortune would most likely happen when [she] least expects it…” She looks forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that await her in 2017, as she excitedly warns,  “Look out, here I come!”

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