Meet Rainy Kerwin

Written by Annette Palmer

“…I was at a point in my life where I needed to take a risk and be uncomfortable…It was time.” – Rainy Kerwin

Rainy Kerwin, an accomplished and award winning screenwriter, director and actress, is not usually a big risk taker. She first came into the industry back in 2000, when she played Courtney in the movie, MAXWELL, that she penned and produced. That was followed by a slew of indie projects including the role of Mary in the remake of Pride & Prejudice. She finally landed a small role in the movie FRACTURE with Anthony Hopkins.

However, in 2016, Kerwin decided to step outside her comfort zone and make the movie THE WEDDING INVITATION, where she not only plays the lead role, but alsoproduces, writes and directs the entire film, as well. Facing many new challenges and a strict budget, Kerwin embraced her film’s alter ego free spirit attitude to use crowdfunding in order to get the first seeds of the budget. A handful of investors came on board to finance the remainder of the film.

And it’s a good thing, because Beach Magazine hailed it, “One of the best Girls’ Night Out films of the year.”

Before the success of BRIDESMAIDS, Kerwin was told that her movie wouldn’t work because she had three female leads, and “women meant nothing in the foreign market…the foreign market comprises 60% of movie sales.” The film went on to have many successes and failures along the way before getting made. It was a scary and risky time for Kerwin, but she knew it was worth pursuing.

Fortunately, no one could deny the appeal of the logline: “Three best friends endure heartbreak, humiliation and hangovers to get plus-ones for the wedding of a lifetime.”

Taking on the role of writer and director was a huge deal for Kerwin, who said her easiest days were when she had most of the onscreen acting scenes. It was in those moments that Kerwin could confidently say, “ I knew what I wanted and I’m a pretty good judge of whether I nailed it or not. “

“If MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING married BRIDESMAIDS, their baby would be THE WEDDING INVITATION.” – Larry Richman, Director of Programming at Palm Beach Film Festival

THE WEDDING INVITATION is set to hit theaters in 2017. Kerwin’s other projects from her production company It’s Raining Films, include DEAD BETWEEN L.A. & VEGAS, a dark, quirky comedy, and BADEN AKA DEATH ROW, a dark psychological thriller. For more updates and news on THE WEDDING INVITATION and her other upcoming films, follow her @RainyKerwin and @weddinginvmovie on Twitter.

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