PBS and South Coast Rep

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak with Maria Hall-Brown of LaArt! Her show on PBS SoCal (Southern California) features artists across the board: filmmakers, painters, architects… you name it!

Our Director Cady McClain met up at South Coast Repertory Theater in Orange County, CA. There she was an invited speaker, sharing her story and the journey of the documentary to their summer Conservatory of Actors. Director of their prestigious acting program, Matthew Arkin, was a funny and fabulous host of the first part of the day, cutting in to provide some pithy punchlines and some awesome insights.

In Cady’s on-camera interview with Maria, she was asked, “How are you like this?” Meaning, “How do you stay so positive?” Cady thought for a second and said, “Girl Scouts” and proceeded to share the entire Girl Scout credo she learned when she was in 1st grade.

To have fun, to learn to make all sorts of things, to remember to finish what I begin, to want to keep my temper in. And to learn, of nature and living outdoors. To have adventures with everyone. To go to places and learn how it’s done. And make friends.

We hope that gets you inspired, too!

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