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Why You Should Hire a Woman Director
by Cady McClain for Ms in the Biz

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“It seems obvious to have to say this, but professionals deserve to be judged by their work alone. Right? To consider them based on their gender would be discriminatory. However, it seems that as a culture we haven’t escaped identifying women first by their gender identity, which for women has become closely associated to personal concerns like style, looks, and romantic relationships.

Hollywood is not the only place this happens. Check out what happens when male athletes are asked the same questions female athletes are asked…”

Cady McClain’s New Documentary “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct”
by Cady McClain as interviewed by Heidi Honeycutt for Film Inquiry


“All this to say: just because these filmmakers are of the female gender doesn’t mean that the stories they tell are “soft and flowery,” or about “love and romance.” Not in the least. These artists are digging into aspects  of the female gender that, when I see and hear them revealed, make me want to cry out of sheer gratitude. No matter which way you slice it, “soft stories for women” are what we’ve been seeing for so many years.  It’s depressing to be a woman and only see a few story options for your entire psyche to dance through while male stories seem to traverse endless options. I think it is a wrong idea that women can only tell “soft stories.” It is an erroneous cliche that is partly to blame for women being kept out of the marketplace.”

What Inspires You? Guest Blogger Cady McClain, Filmmaker
by Cady McClain for Lorien Eck’s Artists and Inspiration

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Leah Meyerhoff, Founder Film Fatales

“I think that is what really inspires me the most: women committing to their unique vision, despite all. No matter what anyone says, no matter what the statistics are, they persevere, the drive forward. Sure, everybody gets afraid sometimes. But these women (and many more) don’t submit to the fear. They continue to stay above water and true to themselves. There’s no being shut down by “the business” and all that talk about how you “have to compromise.” No mam. They talk about being clear about who they are, what they love, and how to work in spite of the obstacles.” 

On “Women’s Stories” with Cady McClain
by Cady McClain

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Cady with filmmaker Deborah Kampmeier

“And that’s this film at its core is about. I want to empower women and those who identity as “female” to feel less alone in their journey by showing them all the amazing artists who are fighting to tell underrepresented stories, their stories. I also hope to inspire others who want to tell these stories to take the risks toward making their dream happen. The world needs more people who are willing to step forward and talk about what is going on, so we can all grow and learn together. It feels like an amazing time of change and possibility, and I hope this film will help propel that change forward.”

Michael Fairman


“McClain hopes her documentary series will inspire a dialog where there will no longer be a delination between male and female directors, so everyone will be called a “director” no matter what their gender, if this is their chosen profession behind the camera.  As McClain and others point out, women directors deliver some of the most powerful and memorable work in this highly visionary and creative job that is predominately dominated by men.”

ABC Soaps in Depth


“The bias is systemic,” she wrote, “So there’s no point in blaming or calling out the offenders. Nothing but a revolution is going to change the way things are.”

a blog by Cady McClain

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“So what happened is, my husband knew this one woman who he thought I should talk to. She’s a director named Shana Betz. We had had dinner with her a few months back and I really dug her, like a mini, unexpressed girl crush kind of dig. She was a bad ass. My husband said she might be a cool person to start talking to, so since we were already friends on FB I screwed up my courage and messaged her.”

How to Make a Documentary Part 1
a blog by Cady McClain

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Lesli Linka Glatter, EP and director of “Homeland”

“I think it’s fair to say that most people have no idea how many women are out there fighting for respect and a place in creative leadership positions. Positions not only in the film and television industry, but in finance, tech, the sciences, and academia. Women worldwide are still dealing with a pervasive idea that we are limited in our capabilities based on our gender. This is the perception that I, and many others, are trying to change. People like directors Lesli Linka GlatterLeah Meyerhoff, and Sarah Gavron all care about making sure other women in the directing field have opportunities they they themselves have had to fight tirelessly to achieve. I’ve had the privilege to interview them and can tell you, they really are doing everything they can to help change the landscape of bias and transform it into opportunity for women.”

“Speak Your Truth and See to Believe”

an interview with director Cady McClain by Jacqui Blue on Soundcloud

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“Cady’s McClain’s Documentary on Women Directors”

an interview with director Cady McClain with Charles Madison on Nexgxlegacy, a podcast with a reach of over 3 million