Salon on-camera Interview June 2017


Awesome Without Borders 2017 Grant Recipient

McClain Winner of the 2017 International Matrix Award, appears on “Good Morning Texas”, Sept. 2017


WEHO Women and Leadership Conference, March 2017

WeHoWLC Women Directors Panel May 2017

Women and Hollywood “Trailer Watch” June 23rd, 2017


CBS KCAL 9 Cady McClain Talks About Docu-Series That Delves Into Women on The Front Lines of Directing, April 23 2017

Alliance of Women Journalists: The Female Gaze, February 2nd, 2017

Chosen as IndieWire’s Project of the Day, October 13th, 2016

Directed By Women, August 2017


Women and Hollywood October 18th, 2016

Alliance of Women Directors Newsletter July 2017

LIVE interview with Connected Women of Influence, April 10th, 2017


Priority Girl Magazine: Feature Article October 27th, 2016


Cady interviewed by GirlTalkHQ, December 19th 2016


Cady on AWD/Canon Panel December 4th, 2016 subject: Creating Change at the Studios


Featured in FilmLowen, Germany’s Feminist FilmMagazine, November 2016

Newport Beach Magazine, April 2017

Broadway World-Los Angeles on Newport Beach Premiere, March 20th, 2017

TV Source Magazine, November 2016


Featured in Lil’ Mama’s “Stuff We Like” October 1st, 2016


Why You Should Hire a Woman Director
by Cady McClain for Ms in the Biz

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.25.58 AM.png

“It seems obvious to have to say this, but professionals deserve to be judged by their work alone. Right? To consider them based on their gender would be discriminatory. However, it seems that as a culture we haven’t escaped identifying women first by their gender identity, which for women has become closely associated to personal concerns like style, looks, and romantic relationships.

Hollywood is not the only place this happens. Check out what happens when male athletes are asked the same questions female athletes are asked…”

Cady McClain’s New Documentary “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct”
by Cady McClain as interviewed by Heidi Honeycutt for Film Inquiry


“All this to say: just because these filmmakers are of the female gender doesn’t mean that the stories they tell are “soft and flowery,” or about “love and romance.” Not in the least. These artists are digging into aspects  of the female gender that, when I see and hear them revealed, make me want to cry out of sheer gratitude. No matter which way you slice it, “soft stories for women” are what we’ve been seeing for so many years.  It’s depressing to be a woman and only see a few story options for your entire psyche to dance through while male stories seem to traverse endless options. I think it is a wrong idea that women can only tell “soft stories.” It is an erroneous cliche that is partly to blame for women being kept out of the marketplace.” 

Podcast “The Other 50%” April 18th, 2017


Indiefilm NYC Podcast, January 6th, 2017




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