Some Good Guys

The “problem” is NOT men. The “problem” is an IDEA that is fostered by repetition of outdated ideas. .

There are LOTS of good guys out there who can and do collaborate with talented women of all ages.

They can be women’s advocates and allies.

Here’s a few WE’VE talked to!


John Wells

John Wells

John Wells runs JWP (John Wells Productions, offices at Warner Brothers) which has produced “China Beach,” “ER,” “The West Wing,” “Shameless” and the upcoming “Animal Kingdom” (to name a few.) He is a multi Emmy and award winner. He personally started the first diversity program run with the help of Warner Brothers to specifically give opportunity, support, and mentorship to women and people of color. He is also a labor leader and was elected president of the Writer’s Guild of America, West in 2009, after serving a prior term in that office from 1999 to 2001. He is also the director of films “The Company Men,” “August: Osage County,” “Love and Mercy,” and “Burnt.” IMDB

Still of Michael Rauch

Michael Rauch

Michael Rauch produced seven seasons of “Royal Pains,” “Love Monkey,” and “Beautiful People.” Also a director, films include “In the Weeds” for Miramax, and “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” with Eric Bogosian. A graduate of Columbia Film School, he is a strong promoter and employer of women directors. IMDB

Robert Munic

Robert Munic

Robert Munic is a writer, producer and director. Projects include “Fighting” with Channing Tatum, “Murder in the First,” “Gang Related,” “They Call Me Sirr” and “The Cleaner.” Recently he was an EP of “Empire” and Dre’s new series “Vital Signs.” He is a ferocious supporter of women directors. IMDB

Michael Robin

Michael Robin

Michael Robin is a producer and director known for “The Closer” “Nip/Tuck” and “Major Crimes.” He also was an co-executive producer on 40 episodes of “Dallas.” Previously he was a producer director on NYPD Blue, Popular, Kingpin, Trust Me, and Rizzoli and Isles. Currently he is helming “The Advocate” for ABC. An avid supporter and employer of women directors, he recently spoke at the DGA Director Development Initiative Event, “Making it Happen: Accountability and Opportunity.” IMDB


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