A documentary series about women directors.

This documentary series invites viewers into a bracing and intimate conversation with women who are on the front lines of the film and television directing field.  Major award winners, game-changers, and frustrated auteurs share what it’s like to be on the front lines. Considering all aspects of the directing experience for women, we will learn how and why each remarkable woman successfully drives through creative, cultural, and professional obstacles in a deeply challenging profession.

This film series offers a “peer to peer mentorship” for anyone (of any gender) looking for guidance and real world experience as they pursue their dreams of becoming a visual storyteller.

We are a thrilled recipient of an Awesome Without Borders Grant!

Episode One: The Vanguard of Change will be premiering at the 2017 Newport Beach International Film Festival on April 25th at 1:30PM at Island Cinema 6.

This series is Executive Produced by  Cady McClain and Leah Meyerhoff.

Check out the about page for more information on the series.



Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

My name is Cady McClain. I am the director of this filmed series about women who direct film TV, web series, commercials, music videos, video art and more! I share all kinds of articles and interesting interviews on this page. Thank you for joining the conversation!
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct22 hours ago
Here's a cool opportunity for filmmakers with under 10 minute shorts: https://shape.att.com/entertainment-project

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Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct1 week ago
Interested in how I went from soaps to working on helping women directors? There's a connection! Come check out my chat with Julie at "The Other 50%" on her podcast here:

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Seeing is Believing: Women Direct1 week ago
We made it into NEWPORT BEACH magazine! Pretty cool! See page 35!

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct2 weeks ago
I'd like to invite you all down to Newport to see the premiere of Part One of "Seeing is Believing: Women Direct."

It is the anchor film of series of shorts directed by women. Should be a beautiful afternoon!

April 25th at 2PM. Ticket info below.


Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct3 weeks ago
Lifting each other UP. That's what I believe in. Not using each other or trying to out do one another. Lifting each other up.

It's totally possible when you're not in fear. Acting out of fear is what causes all the problems. Sometimes people don't believe it when you act out of love, but it's the most awesome way there is.

Here's a great story about the power of love and how to harness it in order to truly help.

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct3 weeks ago
I love that the media out there is catching on! Americans are starting to get there was a "Mother of Cinema." I think this is a really important step, as many tend to discount the value of our mothers so much in American society.
Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
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Cinema started with her. However, no one remembers her.


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Thanks Lynn! Excited to celebrate @venicetheseries and the awesome teamwork that makes it happen! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/nY26KUo1vJ
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Back in the day... thanks to @ejcarr I'm immortalized in Black and White! https://t.co/BnaclW2e6v CadyMcClain photo
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HOLY CHRYSALIS! We are SO CLOSE to 500 followers! Won't you come join our flight? https://t.co/SOmIpZNOYo https://t.co/O67dYoQWsk CadyMcClain photo
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Pretty cool to see ones work on the big screen, I must admit. Thanks @nbffaction for a special day! https://t.co/0JpwoVouhA